Saturday, July 13, 2013


Finally, we got it in possession on June 10th, 2013 and thereafter began a month-long episode of carefully planned renovation to revamp the space into a creative haven. The art-n-design studio of artists & designers Syed Ali Arif and Inderjit Nagi is a gateway to all things quirky, kitsch and colourful, a true extension of their personalities and their work. Here are some snapshots for your viewing pleasure only...

An installation of various collectibles from their many travels hangs on a wall.

An oil on canvas by Inderjit

A book-shelf from Fab India

A hand-paint poster of Sridevi's iconic film Chandni

An antique chair re-upholstered in fuchsia

A hanging monkey doodle on the wall

As kitsch as it can get

Sheer curtains with printed cameras



A figurine from Ajanta Caves serves as a door handle

"An alien in the artist's head"

Details on a cupboard door

Vintage car from Chor Bazaar

A cat doodle on the wall

An old window frame transforms into a very Indian art piece

Quirky knobs for cabinets and drawers

Vintage door handles

A doodle of monkeys on an electric wire casing

A pair of wooden parrots hold a wooden shelf with more curios on display

The artist's drawing desk

A chandelier with stuffed animals lights up the passage

An elevated flush tank in rose pink with a bell and tiny wall-mounted objects quirk-up the washroom

"Poo you get it?"

A balance of antiques, quirks, colours and art make this truly a haven!


  1. The Room is ABSOLUTE MADNESS !!! GOD !! M goin to look at this as inspiration when I re-do my house. AWESOMESS both you guys !!!

  2. OMG! OMG!! I loveeeeeeee your den....this is pure visual pleasure